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Exploring Participatory Photography v2.0
jason houston
Mar 26, 2019
^^Fisherman and photographer, Silvino, reviewing his work in preparation for a community presentation. Závora, Mozambique.^^

I've always loved the idea of participatory photography and how the craft I love so much can also empower others. Now, with technology, new media channels, and the ubiquity of photography in general, the new opportunities to take it further seem endless. I've had a few opportunities to experiment with what Participatory Photography v2.0 looks like—more community engagement, more program learning through user-centered design, etc—and partners like The Nature Conservancy and Rare's Center for Behavior and the Environment have been great. And I'm looking for more, and so I'm reaching out here to the Visura community. Have programs you might want to integrate this process into? Want to collaborate and experiment? Want to exhibit some of the participant's work? Just curious? Reach out and be in touch. I'd love to chat.
 Jason Houston, Collaborative Participatory Photography

Jason Houston, photographer

Jason Houston's work explores how we live on the planet and with each other, looking at environmental issues through the lens of human experience.
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