Portfolios On Recent Projects. Jason Houston specializes in stories related to environmental conservation, exploring the issues from the perspective of human communities and culture. Water, fisheries, fire, forests, food security, indigenous rights, cultural heritage, and impacts related to climate instability—and how local communities deal with all these issues. He has experience organizing and executing editorial assignments and NGO commissions in North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, South Pacific, and Africa, collaborating creatively to combine long-term projects and specialty focus with the timely and immediate needs of clients.

S. Rockies Wildland Fire Crew (magazine)

Cover Story for Nature Conservancy. I trained as a wildland firefighter working with the Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module, to document their work reintroducing fire to fire-adapted landscapes.

Isolated Indigenous Tribes (magazine & NGO)

Cover Story for Science Magazine & On-Going Personal Project. Indigenous tribes in the Amazon face social/environmental pressure. Cover feature for Science, with Pulitzer Center, featured in The New York Times and PDN. Additional advocacy throughout 2017 & 2018.

Reclaiming Our Food (book)

Book Commission. In 2012, the American Library Association named "Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Movement is changing the way we eat" one of the top 10 books on the Environment.

Manuel // El Rincon, Colombia (NGO)

Commission for Rare. Don Manuel Vicente Restrepo farms in El Rincon, Colombia. Through an innovative program of reciprocal water agreements, Manuel is benefitting financially as well as working to protect water resources.

Mayumi // Ancón, Peru (unpublished)

Personal Project. Ancón is a Peruvian fishing village with thousands of years of history harvesting food from the sea. Today, local fishermen are working to assure the same for generations to come.

Rodel // Caringo Island, Philippines (NGO)

Commission for Rare. I spent three weeks in San Miguel Bay, Philippines living with fisherman Rodel Bolaños and his family on Caringo Island to document their daily lives.

Local Food & Sustainable Agriculture

Core On-Going Theme. A decade-long focus on small farms and local agriculture across the U.S. producing hundreds of magazine articles, several books, exhibitions, and keynote presentations across the country.

Mid-Atlantic Fisheries (magazine)

Feature Story for Nature Conservancy. An editorial photo essay around the MARCO Data Portal exploring the economic importance and culture depth of fisheries on the Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States.

Mining the Peruvian Andes

Assignment Supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting exploring various news stories related to extractive industries in the Peruvian Andes and the Pope's encyclical on the environment.

Understanding Ocean Users (NGO)

Commission for Point97, Ecotrust, & The Nature Conservancy profiling the people and places related to the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal, an online toolkit to consolidate data for visualizing ocean resources and human use.

Sound Travels

Personal Project. Sound Travels is a Louisville, Colorado-based group of musicians I sometimes hang out with, trading photos for free drinks.

California's Independent Fishermen (NGO)

Commission for Ecotrust & Community Fisheries Network profiling independent fishermen and local markets for fish in San Francisco and San Diego California.

People of the Forest (NGO)

Commission for Rare. I traveled to Borneo to document the communities that live in and around the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve producing a book and exhibition to help inform programs on to habitat restoration and orangutan reintroductions.

Animals of Green Chimneys (NGO)

Commission for Green Chimneys. Green Chimneys provides children with disabilities animal-assisted therapy and educational programs. For 10 years I have photographed the animals, and in 2014 we published a book of animal portraits.


Personal Exercise. Just keeping loose in the practice. Like yoga with the phone. Anything goes: Hipstamatic filters, crops or set ups, meaningless clichés, and—of course—selfies.

Conservation Journal

Exhibition. Drawing from various assignments over the years, this collection explores the complexity of issues ranging from fisheries and forestry to water and food as seen through the people who live with and rely on these resources.
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