Over the years various companies have helped support my work. Check them out, buy from them if the stuff looks good to you. I can endorse it all.

Mindshift Gear:

Co-founded by my friend and dedicated conservation photographer, Daniel Beltrá, these bags combine the quality of Think Tank Photo with features specifically designed for photographers working in the field. I use the rotation180 packs. Use this link if you are making a purchase and you'll receive some free gear with every order over $50.

Voltaic Systems:
Many of my assignments take me to remote—often off-the-grid—places. Voltaic's panels and batteries have helped assure (even on overcast days deep in the Amazon) I can at least download and back up daily.

A company that needs no introduction. I'm always grateful for their commitment to people and the environment and to helping those of us who are working to protect the same. Buy that purple and green and wear it long after it's cool...

At one time, I did a ton of climbing and climbing photography. I still love pulling down on small holds. LaSportiva always was and still is my climbing shoe of choice. And their fire-approved Glacier WLF boots kept my feet safe while working with the Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module.