For an assignment on firefighters I trained and was Red Carded as a wildland firefighter with the Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module.
Moto taxi in rural Philippines.
Sun management during two weeks of travel on the Purús River in Brazil and Peru.

About Jason Houston's Capabilities

I have done journalistic assignments and NGO commissions for the majority of my 20+ year career. I have traveled to nearly 30 countries—many of them many times and most of them in the developing tropics—and embrace new technology and different approaches to help make sure my stories are effectively produced, stand out, and have the impact that I and my collaborators and clients are looking for. I thrive on problem solving in uncertain and unfamiliar situations and have a proven record of working collaboratively and constructively with my subjects as well as field staff and other local support. I would be happy to put you in touch with anyone I've worked with in the past.

My capabilities include:

• Experience with travel in developing countries: I average about 200 days a year on the road. I am experienced and comfortable navigating the necessary logistics for travel in under-resourced developing countries. I travel light and am comfortable (and prefer) moving and living like a local and embedding in the local communities.

• Pre-project planning: I also have experience in editorial photo editing/assigning as well as research, art direction, design, and production. This background gives me diverse insight and multiple perspectives when working with collaborators and clients to help strategize and plan assignments or commissions to be as efficient and effective as possible.

• Post-project production: My background also helps when producing my projects to assure that we use the assets we have gathered and your investments in our collaboration result in as much value and impact as possible.

• Simple, project-based budgeting: Day rates encourage clients to cut corners and discourage photographers to be efficient. They are often not aligned with expectations and can even 'reward' slower or lower quality work. I use a project-based approach to fees and budgeting that relies on careful planning, clear expectations, and accountability for complete work. This simplifies the process and provides my collaborators and clients with confidence in both their investment as well as the work I produce.

• Unobtrusive, low-profile mirrorless and compact cameras: Big cameras and tons of gear can be intimidating or even a liability, especially for subjects or in communities not used to being photographed. At best it can wrack up baggage fees or provoke crime, and at worst it compromises the relationships with and ability to represent authentically the people whose lives we are trying to share. My approach embraces advances in technology and simplicity with the goal of prioritizing the human connection with those I'm photographing while providing the capabilities necessary to produce the quality images necessary for effective stories.

• Remote controlled aerial photography: I have been flying drones for several years and recently invested in DJI's new still photography-focused Mavic Pro 2 system.

• Near-surface underwater photography: I have recently (finally!) received my Scuba certification and have underwater capabilities including equipment for near and at surface underwater photography. I also have existing relationships and can collaborate with dedicated underwater photographers as needed.

• Physical fitness: I maintain a level of physical fitness necessary for long days and traveling or working in harsh environments and where motorized transportation may not be available.

• Food: I'll eat anything.